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The Simpsons Movie


The Simpsons Movie (2007, David Silverman)

What's it about? Homer Simpson adopts a cute pig, pollutes the town's water supply, and thus sets in motion a chain of events that leads to what seems like the certain annihilation of Springfield.

Who's in it? a bunch of two-dimensional yellow people

Why did you watch it? The trailers were funny.

Why is it worth watching? I know there's a number of avid fans out there who follow The Simpsons religiously and think it's the best thing since the invention of donuts. I disagree. I like the TV show, I watch it whenever I accidentally catch it, but I have never before consciously sought it out.
Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. While aimed at an audience who loves the TV show, it's just as much fun for someone who isn't a regular follower. It's hilarious, witty, sometimes silly, sometimes absurd, sometimes too clever for its own good, cynical without being bitter, a little cheesy sometimes - and overall just fun to watch.
I loved all the pop culture references, and the "I can't believe we're paying to watch something we could see on TV for free!" intro, and the bits after the closing credits. And President Schwarzenegger was ace! Heh.

On the other hand... I almost wish there had been more Mr. Burns. And less of the Homer/Bart father & son stuff.

The final verdict: 9/10


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